Piano Courses and Masterclasses

Arrigoni earned a Piano Diploma at the Conservatory with highest honours and is a very experienced piano tutor at all levels. He holds customized courses and organizes specific musical activities, aiming at improving his pupils' technical and interpretative skills, and at providing a preparatory mental coaching before an importat exam or a piano recital.

 Upcoming activities:

- Lessons and audio recording sessions with professional equipment, in a soundproof studio with grand piano.

- Masterclasses on specific topics with the best grand pianos.

- Workshop in pre-concert stress management and concentration techniques.

- Students' piano recitals.

- End of year piano recital.

 * * *

Arrigoni, diplomato in Pianoforte al Conservatorio con il massimo dei voti e la lode, ha una consolidata esperienza nell'insegnamento e formazione di pianisti di ogni livello. Tiene corsi personalizzati e organizza specifiche attività finalizzate al perfezionamento musicale tecnico e interpretativo ed alla preparazione mentale propedeutica all'esame di diploma di conservatorio o ad un recital pianistico.

 Prossime attività:

Lezioni e sessioni di registrazione audio con strumentazione professionale, in sala insonorizzata con pianofore a coda.

- Masterclass tematiche con i migliori pianoforti a coda.

- Workshop in tecniche di concentrazione e gestione emotiva pre-concerto.

- Recital pianistici degli allievi.

- Saggio di fine anno degli allievi.

Controlled breathing, muscle relaxation and mental coaching techniques

Breathing and ventilation is an innate and spontaneous process of human physiology. Performing off limits activities, public speaking or under extreme stress makes this normal physiology extremely important, but often happens to lose control of this homeostasis.

Controlling our breathing and muscle tone boosts our performance and outcomes. With the technique of muscle relaxation, controlled breathing and meditation, prominent athletes have set extraordinary records.

Arrigoni is a skilled instructor of these techniques and has been tutoring students, disabled persons, athletes and other professional categories including musicians, managers and surgeons.

Arrigoni periodically organizes masterclasses of these techniques and he is available for customized training or courses on request.

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